This is our flagship product widely used by many customers either “in-house” or on “BPO” basis. Outsourcing your payroll function can save time and money. More and more organizations are placing their trust in DMS Software Engineering (Pvt) Ltd to deliver payroll as a bureau, outsourced, part managed or fully managed service.

We provide payroll services to more than 50+ clients – from smaller organizations to those with 1000+ employees. Our client base extends across all market sectors in Sri Lanka.

Benefit from the accessibility, flexibility and control
of running payroll in-house – without having to allocate your staff, equipment, time and resources to manage the payroll services.


Secured access to payroll, HR and accounting data.

Service options to meet the level demanded by your business.

Minimizes administration and free-up people and equipment.

Unlimited helpdesk support.

Automatic updates in accordance with changes in legislation.

Some Benefits you receieve with PAYADMIN

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  • Employees can be categorized to define common benefits.
  • Analyze the cost of the employees for different cost center.
  • Provides for Hundred different types of earnings and Nine Hundred different types of Deductions. Maintains Standard Earnings and Deductions until they are changed.
  • Earnings can be defined as to whether they are applicable for calculation of O/T, PAYEE, EPF, etc.
  • All the third party deduction reports would be generated by the system such as bank remittance, bank order, and other order remittance reports with summary.
  • All the required statutory reports such as EPF, ETF, Monthly and half-yearly, tax return schedule and certificates, etc. are generated by the system.
  • Salary payment method could be either salary or wages.
  • The module has the facility to run stand alone or integrated with Bar Code System and Cheque Writer.
  • Deductions that could not be deducted previous month will be deducted automatically from the current months Payroll.
  • Automatic removal of deductions on user determined 'Priority Basis' in instances where deductions of an employee exceed the allowed limit.
  • If Stamp deductions are to be recovered from the net pay, the recoveries will be transferred automatically by the system.
  • Provides 4 different methods of adjusting coins in the net salary. E.g.:  Net Salary is rounded and the difference in coins will be carried forward to easy Pay Packeting.
  • Current month’s payroll will be reconciled automatically with the previous month’s payroll - item-wise.
  • User defined overtime and lump sum payment schemes.
  • The facility to process payments made outside the normal payroll run.

Technology and the Environment

We adapt to ‘open’ technology compliant to ISO/ANSI/Industry Standards, Graphical User Interface using Industry Standard Windows Objects. The operation of the package is made easy by the menu driven functions and control of sequence of operations such as end of day, end of month & end of year are made compulsory by the system itself.

Thus the people in the accounting profession who need not be computer experts could use the system. DMS applications are supported on multiple hardware/operating system environments, which include the latest version of windoes. The proposed system will be implemented on a Three-tier architecture where data base, application and the clients are in different levels running on latest version of windows. The database would be SQL server.

This would enable customer to adapt to open standard, user friendliness, and standard report formatting and versatile report writer facility in case not satisfied with the standard reports and when necessity for user defined reports. The parameterization and the modular architecture are the inherent features of all the systems.