We're now ISO 27001 certified!

Why ISO 27001:2013 is Important for us?

ISO 27001 is a significant standard for the security of information, data, and systems – both within the company and where the customer data is saved and processed. Being a pioneer in offering Payroll Outsourcing Services in Sri Lanka for more than three decades, we believe it is far more important for us to invest all our resources and energy to obtain this International Standard.

At either extreme, and for every sized-company in between, it is important to find tools, standards, regulations, frameworks and anything else possible to safeguard customers’ information. Thankfully, one crucial standard for customer information protection is ISO 27001.

What Is The ISO 27001 Standard?

The set of standards intends to guide organizations in managing the security of all assets, including customer data, employee details, organizational financial information, intellectual property, and data related to or entrusted to the organization by third parties.

While ISO 27001 is not required for organizations, it is highly recommended to help businesses establish a set of security controls and objectives, based on the organization’s specific operations intended to manage the risk of the information.

What Are The Benefits Of ISO 27001 Certification?

There are many benefits that accompany achieving ISO 27001 certification, including the following:

  • Maintained budget, thanks to avoiding costly incidents, such as data breaches.
  • Improved brand reputation with customers, clients and invested third parties, thanks to the receipt of the auditor’s Seal of ISO 27001 Certification.
  • Reduced risk of encountering negative incidents that require expensive emergency public relations damage control.
  • Stabilized and smooth operations allow employees to work more peacefully and calmly since they understand protocols and procedures.
  • Provided with the ability to catch issues early and work to find short-term and long-range improvements to benefit employees, customers and third parties.

Why it is important for our Payroll BPO customers?

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